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      1. Scientific Research Strength
        R&D and innovation are embedded in our genes, and superior products are our persistent pursuit
        Over 0
        R&D Personnel
        Advanced Labs
        Authorized Patents
        Certified Technical
        Main Honors
        and Awards
        Solar PV
        Solar Cell Screen Printing Production Line
        HJT High Efficiency Solar Cell Manufacturing Turn-key Solution
        Solar Cell Laser Equipment
        OLED Equipment Series
        Mini/Micro LED Equipment Series
        Semiconductor Wafer Packaging Equipment Series
        Steady Development
        Based on superior products and high-quality services, we earn the trust from our customers.
        The Company’s market share has been increasing rapidly, and its revenue has been growing constantly.
        Global Layout
        We base ourselves on the Chinese market, and set our sights on the global market.
        • Expand the market in the future
        • India
        • Thailand
        • Singapore
        • Vietnam
        • China
        • Malaysia
        • Turkey
        • South Korea
        By virtue of continuous independent R&D, Maxwell has developed and produced the complete production line of screen printing for solar cells, gaining the recognition of a high-quality brand, and having achieved a leading market share in both domestic and global markets.
        Cooperation Partners
        Relying on the advantages in technical R&D, product manufacturing and service response,
        we have established steady partnership with mainstream enterprises in the pan-semiconductor industries.
        News Center
        25.54%!A New World Record for Full-scale HJT Cell···
        Recently, certified by an authoritative testing institution ···
        The highest record of mass production technology -···
        Recently, certified by Institut für Solarenergieforschung i···
        Mass Production Efficiency of 25.23% Transcends HJ···
        The 166 mono-Si HJT cell developed by Huasun has achieved a ···

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